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We make our pricing and services simple: keep your site safe and fast.

Maintenance Plans

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Each of our plans is billed monthly, can be cancelled at any time, and include a 30 day money back gaurantee.
    Safety and Security
    per month
    per site
    • 24/7 Security Monitoring
    • Wordpress Core Updates
    • Weekly Backups
    • Plugin Updates
    • Theme Updates
    Optimized and Secured
    per month
    per site
    • 24/7 Security Monitoring
    • Wordpress Core Updates
    • Daily Backups
    • Plugin Updates
    • Theme Updates
    • Malware Scan + Defense
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • Performance Optimization
    • SEO Monitoring
    • Google PageSpeed Optimizations
    • Image Optimization
    • PRO License for Plugins (see below)
    • Weekly Performance Report

Maintenance Plans - Details


Our Basic Plan offers comprehensive care for your Wordpress site with round-the-clock security monitoring, ensuring constant vigilance against threats. It includes regular Wordpress core updates to keep your site running on the latest, most secure version. To safeguard your data, we perform monthly backups, providing a reliable safety net. The plan also covers monthly updates for plugins and themes, ensuring all components of your site are up-to-date, secure, and functioning seamlessly. This foundational package is designed to maintain optimal site health and security with minimal effort from you.


Our Business Plan elevates your Wordpress site with top-tier features for optimal performance and visibility. It includes 24/7 security monitoring for unwavering protection and regular core updates to ensure your site runs on the latest, most secure Wordpress version. Monthly backups, plugin updates, and theme updates maintain your site's integrity and functionality. Beyond these essentials, the plan boosts your site's speed and user experience with performance optimization and Google PageSpeed enhancements. SEO monitoring is also included, keeping your site visible and high-ranking in search engine results. Each month, you'll receive a detailed performance report, giving you insights into your site's efficiency and areas for improvement, all part of a comprehensive package designed to enhance your online presence and drive business success.

Features and Benefits

24/7 Security Monitoring: Continuous surveillance of your website to detect and respond to security threats instantly. This proactive approach ensures your site remains safe from hacking attempts and vulnerabilities at all times.

Wordpress Core Updates: Regular updating of the Wordpress core software to the latest version. This keeps your site secure, improves functionality, and ensures compatibility with various plugins and themes.

Site Backups: Scheduled backups of your entire website every day or week, depending on your plan. This ensures that in case of any data loss, server failure, or hacking, a recent version of your site can be restored quickly and efficiently. Stored in the cloud, away from your server, safe and sound.

Plugin Updates: Routine updates of all Wordpress plugins. This is essential for security, as outdated plugins are common entry points for hackers, and it also ensures optimal site performance and new features.

Theme Updates:
Updating your Wordpress theme every month to ensure it's secure and runs smoothly. This keeps the site's design modern and functioning as intended, with all the latest features.

Performance Optimization:
Enhancing the speed and efficiency of your website. This includes optimizing images, minimizing code, and implementing caching solutions to ensure your site loads quickly and runs smoothly.

SEO Monitoring:
Regular monitoring and tweaking of your website to improve its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). This involves optimizing content, improving meta tags, and ensuring site structure and performance align with best SEO practices.

Google PageSpeed Optimizations:
Specific optimizations tailored to meet Google's PageSpeed standards, which can significantly impact your site's ranking in search results. This includes optimizing images, leveraging browser caching, and eliminating render-blocking JavaScript and CSS.

Performance Report:
A comprehensive report provided each month detailing the performance of your website. This includes analytics on site updates, site speed, accessibility review, SEO scoring, and other key performance indicators, helping you track improvements and identify areas for further optimization.

Plugins w/ PRO Licenses included in Business Plan

You don't need to pay for any of these top WordPress plugins - they're included in every Business Plan
If you are paying for any of these plugins - we will cancel your subscriptions on your behalf
All plans include setup and customization of each of these plugins that your site requires
Smush Pro

Smush PRO

The #1 image optimization plugin for WordPress
Forminator Logo

Forminator PRO

Easy-to-create pro WordPress forms for every site and situation
Defender Pro Logo

Defender PRO

Automated and reliable WordPress security in a matter of clicks
Hummingbird Pro logo

Hummingbird PRO

Build faster, lighter, and better-optimized WordPress sites
SmartCrawl Pro Logo

SmartCrawl PRO

Everything you need for fast, convenient, and effective pro SEO
Beehive pro logo

Behive PRO

Customizable Google Analytics dashboards & reports for WordPress
Snapshot Pro Logo

Snapshot PRO

Safe, convenient, and space-efficient WordPress backups

WordPress Speed Optimization

Google loves a fast webpage. So do we. Gain a competitive edge with our speed optimization. Fast, accessible pages boost search engine rankings and user satisfaction, giving you an advantage over competitors. Elevate your site's speed for optimal online performance.

This is a botique service that often requires developer intervention. But don't worry, we've got this. Contact us today for a free consulation.

Malware Removal and Intrusion Cleanup

Recover swiftly from hacks with our Malware Removal and Intrusion Cleanup services. We efficiently restore and secure your site, eliminating malware and reinforcing defenses to protect against future attacks.

If you have backups, that is. If not, we can do our best to recover what is possible.

NOTE: We offer daily offsite backups and free malware removal and intrusion cleanup in the event your site does get hacked for all of our Maintanence Plan customers. Sign up today & never have to pay us for malware removal and intrusion cleanup for your WordPress site!