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This is a perfect example of why we created DRL in the first place. Take a look at these numbers for sanantonioweddingphotography.com, the business website for San Antonio Master Wedding Photographer Chrystina Straughan
The Google PageSpeed results show a mixed review. The low Performance score (16) suggests significant issues with site speed and efficiency, particularly on mobile devices. This could impact user experience, leading to higher bounce rates and affecting search engine rankings.

The Accessibility score of 66 leaves room for improvement to ensure the site is easily navigable by users with disabilities.

Best Practices (95) was pretty good.

The SEO score of 76 suggests there's still some potential for further improvement to maximize visibility and ranking in search results.

Overall, these scores highlight the need for optimization in performanc, accessibility, and SEO while maintaining the strengths in best practices.
The new scores of 98/94/100/100 for sanantonioweddingphotography.com indicate a remarkable improvement.

The high Performance score (98) demonstrates exceptional site speed and efficiency, especially on mobile, enhancing user experience significantly.

The Accessibility score (94) shows strong compliance with web accessibility standards, ensuring the site is user-friendly for individuals with disabilities.

Perfect scores in Best Practices and SEO (both 100) indicate impeccable adherence to modern web conventions and optimal search engine optimization, positioning the site exceptionally well for security, reliability, and online visibility.

This is a vast improvement for the user and for Google.

Let's Break This Down

Taking a deeper look at each of these sections that Google sees as important, we can understand why a good score matters.



What it means

Performance: These results evaluate a website's speed and user experience. It's crucial for SEO and user satisfaction, as it affects search rankings and visitor engagement. High scores indicate efficient, user-friendly sites.
Accessibility: This section assesses how well a website accommodates users with disabilities. It's important for inclusivity and reaching a broader audience. High scores reflect a site's compliance with accessibility standards.
Best Practices: This evaluates a site's adherence to modern web standards and best practices. It's key for security, compatibility, and performance. High scores indicate a well-built, reliable website.
SEO: This section measures how well a website is optimized for search engines. It's crucial for online visibility and traffic. High scores suggest the site is likely to rank well in search engine results, attracting more visitors.

What We Did

By rebuilding the five main pages of this website, we were able to modernize the template and drive a significantly faster result. Now the site is protected by our Business Maintenance Plan, ensuring that the site will stay ship shape. Chrystina can stop worrying about her site now that it has daily backups, malwre scans, 24/7 monitoring, managed updates, and all the other features and benefits. Best of all, she gets a weekly email that breaks down her performance, issues, updates, uptime, and other key metrics.

tl;dr - she can go back to concentrating on wedding photography instead of WordPress

Services Used

WordPress Speed Optimization – 5 Pages @ $250 / page

Business Maintenance Plan – $249.99/month 

How It's Going

Want to check in for yourself? See how the site is raking on Google's PageSpeed Insights by clicking here.